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Good software for recovering NTFS partition?

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    Good software for recovering NTFS partition?


    I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a decent free/low-cost software package for recovering data from an NTFS partition? My Windows 8 has gone down and I suspect the file system has become corrupted. There wasn't anything terribly important on there, but it might be worth spending $15-20 if there's a good chance it can help.

    Thanks in advance!


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    How are you going to get at it?

    Are you multibooting or will you use bootable media of some kind?
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    Hi SIW2,

    I've added a second hard disk and installed Ubuntu on it. I seem to be able to mount and access the partitions on the Windows hard disk in there. On the main 'data' partition, I can see the top-level folders (Users, Program Files, Windows, etc ...) but they are empty, which seems a bit odd. This is why I'm suspecting there is an issue with the file system.

    I'm currently trying to figure out how I can clone/backup the data portion of the Windows HDD before I try to recover anything ...
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    Download the Macrium .iso from my Skydrive. Burn that to CD or stick and boot from that. Then you can make an image of any partition on your system. It is completely free complimants of WHS, LOL.

    Here is a tutorial, but I don't think you need that. Imaging with free Macrium - Windows 7 Help Forums
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    Just use the software from the Hard Drive MFGR. For WD it is WDdiag, for Seagate it is SeaTools - Always use the DOS version of Seatools.

    GWscan will fix both WD and Seagate, Hitachi Toshiba and Samgung need their own, but the software is ALL free.

    What you wanna do is run a FULL scan on the whole surface of the drive, and there is no program in Windows that will do this.

    Run the Software from a bootable Flash or CD drive, or download Hiren';s Boot CD from my link, it has all of the software in the DOS section under Hard Drive Tools.
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    Thanks very much XweAponX - I will try the Hiren's Boot CD and some of the other things you suggest. Thanks for your suggestion as well whs - I will check out Macrium too
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Good software for recovering NTFS partition?
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