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"Your PC needs to be repaired" - No CD!

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    "Your PC needs to be repaired" - No CD!

    Hello everyone,

    When I turned on my Lenovo y410p today I got a blue screen saying:


    Your PC needs to be repaired

    The Booth Configuration Data file is missing some required information.

    File: \BCD
    Error code: 0x000000d

    You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

    The only option I have is: Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings

    I have 64bit Windows 8. I am pretty terrible at fixing computers and would really, really appreciate a step by step guide on how I can fix this. I have a Fat32 external hard drive I might be able to use to recover it - but what should I download? Also, can I try to do something in the UEFI settings to fix it?

    I appreciate any answers!

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    Hi ro432! This sounds similar to an issue that I've been having with my Windows 8 suddenly failing - I have a post here:

    Windows 8 Automatic Repair Loop Issue

    I would go into the firmware and run the hardware diagnostics there - see if that flags up any problems with your hard disk. So, it doesn't take you into the 'blue-screen' Windows 8 diagnostics program? That's what happened to me and there are some extra troubleshooting tools in there (none of which were particularly useful in my case though, I have to say).

    Based on the experience that I've had with mine, unless you created a Windows 8 recovery disk yourself, you are going to have to contact the manufacturer and get a recovery/installation disk from them. How old is the machine? Is it still under warranty? I was fortunate and Dell sent me a recovery disk free-of-charge, but you might have to see what Lenovo say.

    Also, was Windows 8 installed on the machine when you bought it, or did you upgrade? I'm wondering whether you have a product key for the Windows 8, because if that's the case then you might be able to download a new installation of the OS from Microsoft's website. However, new machines that come pre-installed with Windows 8 seem to not come with the product key (at least, that was the case with Dell ...)
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    From the Repair CD/DVD/USB:
    How to do a Auto Repair:
    Automatic Repair - Run in Windows 8
    Note: You may need to do startup repair 3 to 4 times.
    Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times - Windows 7 Help Forums

    information   Information

    We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
    & made the Startup Repair CD. (Windows 8 only)
    Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8
    System Repair Disc - Create in Windows 8 (Windows 8 only)

    I would recommend you making the OEM manufacturer's Recovery DVD's or USB drive.
    How to make Lenovo Windows 8 Recovery DVD
    Lenovo Solution Center shows CD/DVD recovery media for Microsoft Windows 8 - ThinkCentre, ThinkStation, ThinkPad, IdeaPad, IdeaCentre
    You can order the Microsoft official OEM Recovery disks from the OEM manufacturer's website.
    You can Order Lenovo Recovery Disks from here:
    Lenovo Support - Home (US)
    Click on Parts & Accessories.
    The best link
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    This is from text on the "best link" site:

    Please note, that in this moment we are delivering only to the customers in following countries: Albania, Andorra. Austria, Belgium, Bosnia / Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, France - Metropolitan, French Polynesia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Martinique, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Reunion, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and Vatican.
    USA is not listed.
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    The error you are seeing is saying that your Boor loader cannot communicate with your main OS partition.

    What you need, is to REPAIR the Hard Drive, if it is an HDD you can use Hiren's Boot CD- That, or download GWscan, WDdiag or Seagate Seatools. Make Bootable Media, and run the FULL scan on your HDD, the one that has Windows 8 installed.

    If you are stuck with a Hitachi or Samsung drive, you have to use the tool from those manufacturers- Toshiba too.

    The best tool for WD or Seagates is GWscan, look for it, put it onto a Bootable Disk, and run it on your main drive asap.

    Or, download Hiren;s Boot CD from my link, and go into Dos Programs, hard Dicsk Tools, all of the HDD repair programs are there,

    If you have a SSD drive, you are SOOL, you have to use whatever tool came with the drive.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Damn! Thanx Bub I got a Gold Pip! I'm an Ensign!
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"Your PC needs to be repaired" - No CD!
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