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I cant adjust the screen brightness

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    I cant adjust the screen brightness

    I have a new computer , HP recline 23 . OS is win8.1 . It came out of the box with win8 , so I had MS store update to 8.1.

    The screen is set very bright , OK for day use but too bright for night use .

    My problem is that I can't adjust the screen brightness. After clicking on the charms menu and clicking on settings , the brightness icon is greyed out . It says windows cannot adjust brightness on this computer. I tried the various locations where the brightness slider may be but all the relevant screens show no brightness slider.

    I don't know whether win 8 had the brightness control before upgrading to 8.1 ( I mention this because several people complain that after upgrading to 8.1 , they loss brightness control amd regained it by rolling back the driver )

    I tried the update driver option but it says my driver is already updated. The roll back option is greyed out

    BTW the display adapter shows two adapters : Intel 4600 and Gforce GT730 . How do I check which one is being used?

    Any ideas?

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    Hello sportflyer,

    You might see if you may be able to adjust your screen brightness using one of the other options in the tutorial below. Be sure to also look at the related tutorial links at the bottom to see if one may also be affect the brightness level.

    Screen Brightness - Adjust in Windows 8

    Hope this helps.
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    Unfortunately , the brightness slider is not available in all of the options you indicated .

    BTW how do I know which Display adapter being used? I seem to have 2 display adapters and I think only the integrated graphics is used. How do I force the computer to use the Geforce adapter ? What will happen if I disable the intel graphics adapter ? I am afraid that if I do it I will be in big trouble of not being able to see the screen at all.

    I went to the bios to check which adapter is used but the HP setup is so simple . I don't see any of the Bios settings I am used to see .
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    You should need to also install the NVIDIA driver as well. Check at the HP site for drivers for your computer's model number to see what's available.
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    Is the Gforce 730 driver under adapters the same as the NVidia driver you mentioned ? Then its the latest .

    New input:

    I downloaded and updated Nvidia drivers from HP site. Still no brightness adjustment. very strange.
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    Please fill out your system specs so we may know what you have to better help you.
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    Profile updated. Don't know MOBO because this is a HP AIO Touchsmart computer. I could run Sisoft Sandra fro more info if needed
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    Btw I ran sisoft Sandra lite. Not much help there Mobo is HP .

    But when looking at the display adapters it shows the Intel 4600 as \\.\ display1 and Nvdia Gt730 as \\.\display4 . What does this mean ?
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    After doing some reading about that model, one article says that on the right side of the screen there are plus and minus buttons for moving through menus and changing the screen brightness.

    Hopefully that is so to let you adjust the brightness via hardware buttons.
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    This may be of some help also, post #6:
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I cant adjust the screen brightness
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