Hi Guys,

This problem I'm about to describe has happened to me on 2 separate occassions, once about 3 months ago and last night.

I was just doing some surfing and "using MS Word" [could be part of the problem] when all of a sudden weird things started happening. My Word doc started to zoom in and out when I was using the scroll wheel intending to move up and down the pages. This was happening for web pages as well, zooming instead of scrolling.

On my main Metro screen, I also noticed the Left Mouse Button began acting like the Right-Mouse button. Each time I pressed on a tile with the LMB it was acting as if I was pressing the RMB. This was using a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse.

I rebooted and and got to my password screen to login into W8, however my keys on my Keyboard would not work now, only the space bar was working, so I turned to my laptop keys think maybe my Logitech keyboard was the problem, but same thing with my Laptop keys, only the Space bar was working, the other keys where dead. Both the my wireless mouse and the touch pad left and right key on my laptop were not working in order for me to put in my password to access windows, however I was about to move the mouse around and get to the bottom right corner and managed to shutdown again [mouse did work for that]

On my second reboot everything went back to normal!!

I am just wondering if anyone has any tips and suggestions on this bizzare problem. Did I somehow temporarily enable some function that caused this without realising it? And why did the first reboot not fix it and cause my computer to act that way??

Real Strange!!!!!