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Cannot force hybrid shutdown/fast startup

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    Cannot force hybrid shutdown/fast startup


    on Acer 3820TG (Win 8.1) I am trying to force system to use hybrid shutdown/fast startup function. I've already tried all steps from this topic: Fast Startup - Force Use by All Users in Windows 8 but no success - system performs full shutdown. The only solution that works for me is shutting down with command "shutdown.exe /s /hybrid /t 0". Then system shuts down in ~5 sec and starts in ~15 s. Any solution for me?

    SOLVED: Ok, I know what's going on. If you shut down a computer from the right-click-left-bottom-corner menu in desktop mode, then click Shutdown -> system performs full shutdown. If you click Shutdown in charms bar -> system performs hybrid shutdown. Now my PC is starting in 8s, laptop in 15s, great
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    Also in charms if you want full shutdown hold down the shift key for a few seconds while clicking shutdown. Supposedly doing this periodically keeps thing from getting "confused." I don't know if this is Old Wives Tale(tm) but I do it now and then.
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Cannot force hybrid shutdown/fast startup
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