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organizing libraries in win 8.1 advise

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    organizing libraries in win 8.1 advise

    Not sure whether this is the right forum to post . Please redirect to proper forum if needed.

    The last time I tried to organize the default libraries located at user/name/docs etc in my Tablet I messed up had multiple locations showing folders like music, documents etc . I was so confused where everything is. I need advise so I don't mess up my windows explorer page.

    This is what I would like to do:

    I have created 2 extra partitions E : and F : I would like my Data( like .PST) and Document folders to be in E and my entertainment folders like music, videos etc to be located in F:

    The last time I did this I created the folders in E and F drives then included them in the libraries, this truly messed up file explorer with "duplicate entries" .

    a) Is the best way to just relocate the default library folders in User to other drives ie going to Properties /location etc

    b) Is it possible to delete the default folders in User , create folders in other drives then include them in the library ? in this case the folders wont be associated with user/name? does this make sense to you ?


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    You did the right thing making new folders and then use INCLUDE. You just have to give those folders a slightly different mane - e.g. E Documents or F Music. Then it should be clearly distinguishable.

    Library - Add a Folder to in Windows 8

    I would not recommend to use the location tab. That will give you a whole set of new problems when not properly done. It's tricky.

    Never delete the default folders. The system and some programs use those to store info and you will be in an awful yogurt if they cannot find them.
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    Is it possible to create a new library just for those folders in other drives and not under user/name etc?
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organizing libraries in win 8.1 advise
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