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Confusing context menu in Windows 8.1 File Explorer

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    Confusing context menu in Windows 8.1 File Explorer


    Has anyone else found right-clicking in the file-list in Windows 8 File Explorer confusing? Despite the file under the cursor clearly highlighted, the right-click context menu is for the containing folder - but a left-click at the same spot will select the highlighted file. It works as expected if you right-click on the text, but not if you right-click in the highlighted row.

    I've written up a description and set of screenshots here to show the problem:

    anon31522: Confusing context menu in Windows 8.1 File Explorer

    I can't remember if this was how it worked in 8.0, but I think they've got this wrong.

    Unless I have some flag set somewhere or something....? Don't think so.


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    my 8.1 is the same ,and I would assume it because they don't want you to cut the download folder from the list .

    if my take on what you are saying is correct, i will say this ,the download or picture or documents folder in the list is not reoffered to as a file ,its a Folder [shortcut of sorts]to the original folder in you user folder in the root of C:\,that is why it will not show the cut option,
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    I don't have 8.1, just 8.0 and it doesn't work that way. When I right click on a folder or file under Downloads and select Properties, I get the properties dialog for what ever file or folder I clicked on.
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    Confusing right click in Windows 8.1 File Explorer

    OK, I have revised my description at the original link to try and be clearer.

    anon31522: Confusing right-click in Windows 8.1 File Explorer

    The confusion happens because the whole row is highlighted under the mouse cursor when using the file list in Detail view (as a list with file name, date, size type etc). Right clicking the file's name (or any text such as size, date, type etc) selects the file and shows the correct context menu as expected, but right clicking in the space on the row for an unselected file - even though it is highlighted - will show the context menu for the containing folder instead.

    Seems pretty unintuitive to me, and keeps catching me out.

    Did they add the highlighting in 8.1? Anyone know if it can be turned off?
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Confusing context menu in Windows 8.1 File Explorer
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