I somehow seemed to have disabled my input methods.

I currently have two input methods, Korean keyboard and Japanese keyboard on a Korean Win 8 OS. For the record, korean and japanese input methods have a toggle key which converts them back and forth to English(korean) keyboard and English(Japanese) keyboard respectively [which both have subtle difference to a 'normal' English keyboard in that certain SHIFT key characters are in different places, etc].

Normally hitting the toggle key would switch from Korean/Japanese Keyboard to English(Korean/Japanese) Keyboard and vice versa, however the toggle key is not allowing this change at all.

Observe the three images below:

Images 1 and 2.

Image 3.

Normally there should be a current input method above the time in the taskbar for the first image; input method on the blank space next to the Power Icon for the second image; and it's not like the input methods were gone or disabled evident by the third image.

My question is, how do I turn the input method back on such that the toggle key will work and the input methods will display on the empty places on the first and the second image?