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Windows 8 Machine won't boot with USB port active

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    Windows 8 Machine won't boot with USB port active


    I've been having an issue with my Acer S7-391. I bought the Windows 8 machine in December, and the majority of the time when I start it up in the morning, it doesn't boot properly - it hangs on a black screen for ages. I then have to hit the off button and boot it back up again and, sometimes, it boots after having to go through a system repair. Also, sometimes it does boot properly from the get-go without having to jump through hoops - not often though.

    Originally I thought it was an issue with me having upgraded to Windows 8.1 shortly after buying the laptop, but having rolled the machine back to Windows 8, the issue prevailed. Through trial and error, though, I've figured out when it does and when it doesn't boot properly (yeah, I'm slow). Basically, it never boots properly when I have a USB mouse/keyboard plugged in. I take them out, boot the machine, and can plug them in again almost immediately and everything works fine. But NEVER does it boot with these devices plugged in from the start.

    I've done some digging around, and some similar problems suggest it could be to do with the boot order in the BIOS - I've gone in, had a peek, but nothing looks like it shouldn't. Here's a photo of it anyway (below).

    If anyone could suggest a solution here - other than unplugging my USB peripherals on boot - t'would be appreciated.

    Click image for larger version

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    In my previous XP system I had to turn off "legacy USB support" (on a different bios screen) to stop the system from trying to boot from an attached usb data drive. It had the affect of turning off USB to the bios. USB worked normally once windows booted. If you actually need to boot from a USB drive you can just turn it back on temporarily. Maybe this will work for you?
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    TGW, are you using a powered USB-3 Hub? I had the same problem with a 4-port hub the brand name I can't recall right now. I remember checking their site and found updated firmware to install and the problem went away.

    Having said that, later I wanted more ports so bought a Rosewill 7-port and never had the problem.

    Might be worth a try to see if there is firmware available for your hub as the first approach. A lot of hubs don't have any software, actually, now that I think more of it, it might have been an Anker hub, could be wrong though as memory is not as good as it should be. I dropped that hub off at the local Senior's Center thrift store so to be fair to Anker, no telling what brand it really was.
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Windows 8 Machine won't boot with USB port active
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