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8.1 Desktop Icons Reset Randomly

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    8.1 Desktop Icons Reset Randomly

    My icons on 8.1 keep resetting randomly, causing me to have to move my icons back into the positions I like them in. I have them separated across two monitors and in various sections according to what they do.
    I have Googled this but do not find anything on this.
    I am not updating any drivers or doing anything out of the ordinary. Its just at some startups all of my icons are either moved all the way to the right on the right monitor, or they are just simply reset back in order on right monitos (main desktop).

    Any ideas?

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    I don't have any answer for you but after reading around on both the forum and on line it appears the new 8.1 has a lot of buggy issues with the desk top. I too am having problems now with my desk top short cut icons but not like your problem. I was hoping this forum could help me but so far I haven't found any problem's like mine and haven't heard anything back yet on my problem. And the thought of having to call Dell tech about makes me ill lol. Lets just say I have very little to no faith what so ever in Dell tech. plus I'm not desperate enough for that irritation yet.

    Anyway, good luck to you and hope they can fix your problem. mean while I'll keep reading and maybe I'll get lucky and find a solution to mine.

    Also, I thought the new 8.1 was supposed to make windows 8 better for us not worse. Microsoft can't seem to get it right can they?
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    How about installing a program like DesktopOK. It remembers where icons are and puts them there when you reboot or if you tell it to do so.
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8.1 Desktop Icons Reset Randomly
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