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Black screen in boot for long time, how to solve?

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    Black screen in boot for long time, how to solve?

    When I boot or reboot my PC, it is a slow process, the time with the blue window and the spinning circle is only about 5 seconds, but then there is a pause of 30-35 seconds where absolutely nothing is going on. Black screen, no activity at the SSD or at the net. After this my USB mouse and keyboards wake up, and only a few seconds later my PC is running normally.

    I have allways (in windows 8) had that black screen, but only for a few seconds. After win8.1 this "dead screen" just getting longer and longer. I have had it for some times, but I used to use Intel Rapid Start, so I did not care. Now I got som faster ram, and Intel Rapid Start don't work with this ram, so now I have to boot every time, and now I'm not so happy with this long pause in boot.

    What is Windows 8 doing in this time?
    How to eliminate it (or just get it reduced)?

    I never had this black screen under windows 7.

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    Was this an upgrade or a fresh install?

    What progams did you recently install?

    If you start the computer in safe mode with networking, it it faster?

    If faster in safe mode, then disable all startup programs and services, except microsoft services, then reboot..

    If not faster, then also disable all microsoft services as well, reboot

    If not faster, then you may have hardware issues, or windows installation issues.. Hardware usually being either video, harddrive, or motherboard..

    If faster, then start enabling your services, 10 or 20 at a time, then reboot, when system gets slow again, narrow down which service is causing the issue by disabling from the last 20 , one or two at a time..
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Black screen in boot for long time, how to solve?
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