Hi All,

I have a USB-1TB drive for backup. It is encrypted with Truecrypt and until this latest update all worked well.

Now win8.1 will not show it anywhere. Because of the encryption making it unreadable to windows, it used to pop up the "Format at this drive" which I clicked "Cancel" then activated it with Truecrypt.

In their great collective wisdom, msoft seems to have deemed that any drive that is not immediately readable should be cut loose. Makes no sense but there it is.

I am currently using my recent win8.1 cloned backup drive before the latest update and I can see the USB drive again. I tired swapping the latest 8.1 back in and same again so it is definitely as a result of the updates. {sigh} Progress !!

I am guessing it will be a Registry setting but have no idea where to look.

Anyone have any idea how I can get the latest win8.1 update to allow me to see that drive again?