For the past few days, I have noticed that sometimes when I switch from one open application to another (like Thunderbird to Chrome, for example) the brightness of my laptop (HP Pavilion 17-e017dx, just purchased about 2 weeks ago) increases. It's only when switching from one to the other, (Thunderbird -> Chrome) and not the other way around (Chrome -> Thunderbird). It doesn't happen with all applications, and it doesn't always happen for the same combinations of apps. I noticed it the same day as I installed Logitech SetPoint, when I installed no other software. I doubt SetPoint has anything to do with it, but other than that I haven't installed anything or changed any settings.

I checked in Power Management to see if Enable Adaptive Brightness was turned on somehow for the current power plan, but it is not. I restarted my laptop several times, uninstalled SetPoint, all to no avail. And it doesn't matter if I switch between them with the Windows + a number, or clicking it in the taskbar. It doesn't seem to be happening as I type this with any applications, so I can't test it.

Additionally, when the brightness increases for no apparent reason, if I raise and lower the brightness manually, it will go to the preset level (using the buttons on my keyboard) then half a second later increase to a slightly higher level.

If anyone can help me figure out how to stop this from happening, I'd appreciate the help!