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Sometimes, my laptop doesn't shut down completely

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    It's a Lenovo Y510p:
    BIOS Version: 74CN44WW(V3.05)
    Motherboard Model: LENOVO VIQY0Y1
    Product Name: 20217

    I don't see any more numbers. I don't have any sticker in the back of the laptop.

    It's not a HUGE problem, but it annoys me when happens, and I'd like to know what is causing it.

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    If you have not already done so, join the Lenovo forums : IdeaPad Y, U, V, Z and P series Laptops - Lenovo Community
    I'm sure you are not the only one who has this problem.
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    I have this issue happened with me. I think it is an IDIOT bug with Windows 8.1
    Note: When you enable "Turn on fast startup" option, when you click "Shut down" in the power menu, the screen first immediately turns off and then you wait for about 15 seconds and then it is your luck whether you computer will turn off or it will hang as you said and that's what happens with me most of the times but not always.

    My system is Inspiron 15z 5523.
    Now, this issue happens with me when I let Internet Download Manager "IDM" turns off computer when done, I set Windows to turn off the display after 1 minute, then note that IDM will turn off the computer while the display is turned off "Similar to the turn startup" issue!!

    But I have a question for you.
    Do you have a PowerShare USB Port and connecting something to it or even "Enabled" USB PowerShare in BIOS?
    Because I have a doubt in that, I am always connecting my USB mouse in that USB PowerShare port.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    I've been shutting down my Y510p for months successfully. I don't know why, but this issue hasn't appeared in months, may be a Windows 8.1 update fixed this, who knows.

    I don't know what USB PowerShare means. I have x2 USB 3.0 always in use, cause I use a mouse and an external WiFi card. I have also x1 USB 2.0 always-on port, but I don't use to connect anything there, just external HDD's (well, for that, I move the mouse to the 2.0 port and connect the HDD to the 3.0).

    So, for me, it seems solved
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    OK thanks.
    Well, what do you think what is causing this problem with my Dell Inspiron 15z 5523, it's just 4 months old.
    I've disabled "Turn on fast startup" and even though, I noticed this problem occurs many times while I leave the laptop's display turned off and then IDM automatically shuts down Windows when it finishes downloading.

    Can this be the IDM fault?

    Right now, I have decided to just shut down my laptop manually everyday for 1 month or 2 without the display being turned off and see if it will hang someday...

    This problem ANNOYS me a lot and I can't just put off thinking of it! I am not being able to use my laptop very well unless I know the root cause of this.

    OK do you think if I even left the laptop while it is hanging like this... Will it turn off after time? May if I leave it for 30 minutes - 1 hour, will it turn of at the end though? Because laptop hangs and not powering down after Windows shuts down worries me a lot.
    So what if I left IDM someday download and let it turn it off after finishing and then that time I was sleeping, and it turned out that Windows shut down but laptop hang an didn't actually power down. So shouldn't I worry about this and and will it power down after few minutes or hours?

    Because I personally didn't try to leave it hanged like this because every time it happened I was afraid of the Fan blowing so fast, as far as I remember the last time I left it like this maybe was 30 minutes and it didn't power down so I hold down the power button.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    I don't know, if your laptop still does this, and you have all the Windows Updates, then Windows Update didn't solve my problem. Try to install the very latest driver for your Intel, ATI or nVIDIA graphic card. I use generic drivers, that means, I uninstall completely all the original graphic card drivers, and the download from the Intel website and nVIDIA website the generic drivers, and install them.
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    8.1 Enterprise

    But DELL didn't recommend me to download generic drivers, they said to stick to their drivers and I wait for their updates.
    I installed an updated Intel generic driver but someday the area electricity went off and then I shut down my laptop so I don't use off my battery after the electricity came back, I turned on my laptop and as soon as Windows 8.1 started it did a BSOD, it was referring to "Power service terminated unexpectedly" and Microsoft told me the laptop lost power and it is probably because of the new GPU.

    Now, when you faced this hang issue, did you try to leave the laptop for a few minutes or hours? Does it turn itself off after some time?
    Or it never turns off?
    I have read many posts that people who faced this problem say that after 10 minutes laptop restarts and some who says it takes time to actually turns off. But as far as I remember I left it for about 30 minutes and it was still hang and didn't turn off so I was afraid of the fan so I hold down the power button to turn it off.

    I want to try again and leave it for 1 hour or though to see if it will turn off but do you think this is risky?

    It is also so annoying and irritating to just test the shut down issue everyday instead of just using the laptop at ease!!
    I had an i3 TOSHIBA laptop with Windows 7 and I always left it downloading games and files using IDM and then turns off laptop every time without any problem..

    Now I have an i7 DELL laptop and I am having nightmare leaving IDM turns off laptop by itself end EVEN testing the normal manually shut down operation.

    Is this a Windows 8 issue or am I just mistaken buying a DELL laptop, but strange... Many people with HP, Toshiba and ACER also faced this issue after upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 So do all these laptops have hardware issues with shutting down?
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Since your problem is not solved, install generic drivers. Lenovo would also say to me "use our web page drivers". I'm not doing it, and I have no problems at all.

    I did not try to left the laptop and wait it to shut down. I think it stays like that forever.

    The only thing I can suggest you is to uninstall your current drivers, first nVIDIA or ATI, if you have, then Intel's, reboot, and install generic Intel drivers and then nVIDIA or ATI.
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    8.1 Enterprise

    I left IDM again 2 hours ago and it shut down windows while display is turned off and when I came back from bathroom, I see my laptop was hang. I waited for it for 1 hour but it still didn't truly turn off. Only the Power Button and the Power Indicator was lit.

    Should I wait for more than 1 hour??!! Impossible.
    Even if it did turn off after a few hours, this is not a solution to wait for my laptop to shut down... So everytime it does this hang, the CPU fan works so so hard and spins so so fast for a few hours until laptop shuts down and until someday the fan will stop working because of this. I didn't EVEN play a game with this new laptop for 1 hour and hear the fan whirling that fast as it does with this hang issue..
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Dude, just do the generic drivers thing if you want. If you don't want, don't post again all of that, you already said it like 3 times.

    And yeah, the fans speed up when Windows 8.1 is about to shut down, that's OK, cause it should lasts 1-2 seconds. What's not OK is the hang out thing, of course.
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Sometimes, my laptop doesn't shut down completely
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