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Document Recovery From 7-Zip-Archived Word-File

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    Document Recovery From 7-Zip-Archived Word-File


    I was working on a document that was located in a zip archive. I have 7-zip installed on my computer. Iím running Windows 8. I repeatedly saved the file in Word while I was working on it. However, Iíve since rebooted the computer and my file is missing. All of the ďsavesĒ Iíve made didnít seem to update the file in the archive. I understand that I should have extracted the file first before working on it; however, I received no prompt from Word 2013 that my saves were not being recorded. Perhaps the file was saved into some sort of temporary folder/file that 7-zip creates/works from.

    Are my changes lost permanently? Does there exist a temporary file somewhere with my changes in it?

    Thank you. This is a court document and I made substantial modifications to it, and I really need it back.

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    It may be in the drafts folder. This will, by default vary according to which Word version.
    But, across the versions, open the Options in Word and find the save option. In the window which opens, it will list your various save locations for the variety of Word you are using.
    Alternatively, if you know the name of the file, how about a search?
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    Success! I ran Active@ File Recovery (an undelete program) and scanned for the document name. Interestingly, the document name matched the original document name in the archive, and wasn't some random file name like "SHF75J.tmp". I recovered the file to a flash drive. I'm very happy now.

    I didn't find anything in the drafts folder, or in any other folder I could think of checking or which was listed in the options menu under the "save" submenuóbut thanks for your reply nonetheless.
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    Well done.
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Document Recovery From 7-Zip-Archived Word-File
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