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Windows 8.1 pro vs Enterprise !! Help !!

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    Windows 8

    Windows 8.1 pro vs Enterprise !! Help !!

    So hello guys, so im interested to buy the new windows 8.1, but i dont know which one should i get !!!
    Im stuck in Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 8.1 Enterprice !?
    So which one u guys think is the best ? or which one uses less RAM ? :d THANKS :d

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    win8.1.1 enterprise

    hello, I don't know all the differences but depending on what you are using the computer for ,I would say win8.1 pro would be fine for average users .I don't think an average user would need enterprise ,and im not even sure its for sale to the general public, but I could be wron about that
    I have used both and see no performance difference ,actually don't see any difference in the 2 ,I think it because the difference are in security for IT pros looking after a large network of computers

    I have a free msdn acct so I just use the different ones because I can ,no other reason

    some differences in win8.1 and win8.1pro
    Compare and decide - Microsoft Windows

    whats new in enterprise
    What?s New For The Enterprise In Windows 8.1
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    Win 10 Pro + Win 7 Ult SP1 (x64)

    There's a handy chart here: Compare Windows 8.1 Editions

    As far as memory usage goes, well that all depends on what you have installed and what you use it for but natively I would say that all 8.x version use about the same, and they use less than previous Windows OS's.
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    Less than XP?
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    Win 10 Pro + Win 7 Ult SP1 (x64)

    That was what was claimed but I haven't personally compared them. More research online should find the answer I suppose. The OP is talking about RAM usage not support. The OS supports up to 512gb of RAM.
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    A standard consumer cannot even purchase enterprise, so that's not really even an option to think about. Enterprise requires volume license agreements.
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Windows 8.1 pro vs Enterprise !! Help !!
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