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I'm perplexed! Three weeks ago I bought a new laptop (Toshiba Satellite 15) and had it set up by Staples. They installed Windows 8.1. Over several days I was able to tweak the OS it into a usable state.

. . . but the laptop itself didn't work out. I exchanged it for an HP 14 n028US and ordered the same installation from Staples. Since 8.1 wasn't available in the Windows store, Staples loaded it from a flash drive they had. This time I'm noticing problems that weren't present on the Toshiba with the same W8.1.
I'd be wondering why 8.1 wasn't available from the store. Sounds like they didn't even run Windows update. I'd want to know what they did from the thumb drive? Have you created your recovery media? If they did a clean install you may not be able to. Did they keep said thumb drive?