Hi there
on some PC's when using bootable UEFI USB devices for programs like GPARTED / ACRONIS the BIOS boot menu will often list THE SAME device TWICE -- for example this happens on the HP envy sleekbook series -- when you press ESC then F9 to get the boot menu.

You will see for example Sony Storage stick and then again UEFI Sony Storage stick. Choose the UEFI Sony storage stick and the correct version of the program will load - for example using a USB bootable stick for GPARTED.

The Boot from Laptop's HDD will sometimes not work in some instances -- choose the UEFI OS boot manager - then Windows boots normally.

(Normally the system will boot OK using the OS boot manager in the BIOS for UEFI).

UEFI boot does not require PROTECTED BOOT to be enabled.