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Move a window slightly off screen

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    Move a window slightly off screen

    is it possible to move a window slightly off screen ?
    What i mean is......
    if i move firefox,or any other window right or left or down it will go off screen no problem.
    But if i move it up, to go off screen, it wont go off screen it just then goes full screen when it touches the top.
    im using windows 8 .

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    You could disable auto window arrangement. Press Winkey-q then type the word auto in the input line while Settings is highlighted.

    Alternatively you could move the window to a location using a negative 'y' value with a scripting language. That way the mouse would not trigger the auto sizing.

    For example using Autohotkey free scripting language you could easily set a hotkey, such as Winkey-y to move the active window(the one that has keyboard focus.. usually the last one you clicked with the mouse) so that the top of the window is 10 pixels above the top of the desktop. You might also want to program another hotkey to center it, just to make it easy to move again if you can't get at the caption bar with the mouse.

    See Autohotkey help for WinGetPos and WinMove. There are forums where you may ask for help with your scripts. Newbie programmers drop in all the time. No reason not to take advantage of the resource.
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    Right click on the window top border and select Move then use the arrow keys to move it wherever you want it.
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Move a window slightly off screen
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