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I'm honestly considering a Windows 8 tablet.

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    I'm honestly considering a Windows 8 tablet.

    Wow, I never thought I would ever come to the day I would say this, but I might want to consider a Windows tablet. Yep.

    The reason why I would want such a device is the fact that it will have Windows 8 on it, which we all know, can make a great touch UI compared to iOS or android. And also, Windows 8 tablets will come in different offerings, such as ARM, AMD, and Intel processors or AMD APUs. That I like. And, Windows tablets (or should they be called slates) do offer a level of customization that the ipad will NEVER offer: USB ports, HDMI, storage upgrading, and the ability to be a stand-alone device without wireless syncing that the ipad relies on. And Windows Slates beat out android with the fact Windows 8 won't have subversion of 2.XX.X or 3.XX.XX or 4.X.X version, it's just Windows 8.

    Those are my reasons.

    My only concern is how I will do with Office software and typing, and also if I want to do ANY gaming of sorts. That's kind of the Achilles' heel of a tablet, I like to game. I'd have to play with one to see if I can be used to a non-tactile keyboard, but from what I've read about the new keyboard is that it'll be more customizable and resizable.

    I don't know for sure though, what do you guys think? Out of all the potential options of mobile PCs that Windows 8 will bring, would a Windows tablet be worth it?

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    Well, its no surprise to me that you've wanted tablets for a long time now and yes, you were right with the Achilles' heel. Maybe you Should bring with you a small portable keyboard and a mouse in case you need to game or use Office but I bet most tablets aren't powerful enough to run those really good games though nor would its small display give you a really good experience so maybe you will have to wait for a few more months until a more powerful tablet comes into the market with Windows 8 in it. Patience will pay off in the long run.
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    I was reading about how manufacturers will be playing with different form factors for Windows 8 and one was an idea of making a tablet smartphone type device that has a slide out keyboard. That is kind of cool...
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I'm honestly considering a Windows 8 tablet.
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