Hello guys, I bought a new Dell XPS 15 l521x and replaced the HDD with an SSD. When I did the upgrade and installed windows 8 everything was fine, but since the laptop has a 32gb mSATA card I decided to try installing windows on it to utilize the space. After changing the SATA settings in the BIOS and installing windows I noticed that the pc will not restart.

When I restart it, it seems to shutdown everything and then the keyboard lights up again, the fan starts for a second and after about 10 seconds everything turns off. When I start the pc after this, there are no messages for problems, it starts normally.

When I choose to shutdown, sleep or hibernate, windows appears to complete the task, but after the screen turns off the pc continues to work until I turn it off by holding the power button.

I tried installing windows 7 and windows 8 on both the mSATA and SSD. The ONLY way I have found to make the pc reboot is when I change the Virtualization setting in the BIOS, when I change it to enabled or disabled and I exit by saving changes the pc will restart as it should. But this is only when I do a change to the setting, after that it doesn't restart or shutdown.

Sorry for the long post, but I have been researching for a while and can't find a solution, I hope someone has an idea what the problem could be. Thanks!