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Could a video driver update cause boot issues?

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    Could a video driver update cause boot issues?

    Hi there everyone,

    This morning, I got an update notification from nVidia Experience that a new driver was available, so I installed and rebooted. On reboot, It flashed the MOBO splashscreen, then paused at the drive detection for over a couple minutes. I thought it was frozen, so I shutdown and restarted and it went through the splash screen and hung at the drive detection again. I waited a bit, then hit "Any key" and it looped once more to the splash screen, only this time, the screen appeared in incremental bands, from top to bottom over the course of maybe 10 seconds, as if the computer was lagging from a resource intensive process, then went to drive detection for maybe 10 seconds then booted into Windows. I let it settle down then rebooted again. This time, everything went as expected, aside from it sitting at the drive detection for longer than normal(about 10 seconds again).

    I'm just curious if there's something the driver update could do to the system that would cause something like this. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated!

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    My guess; which is the biggest mistake anyone can make, is not letting the process finish and then being impatient by forcing a restart. This restart before the reboot finished is what caused the issue you experienced.
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    Thanks very much for your help and reply. My question however is whether the video driver update could have caused the initial pause of over two minutes on the first reboot. It's always been my understanding that the driver would operate at the OS level and wouldn't have anything to do with initial boot sequence, causing the pause at the drive detection phase. I've almost no experience with UEFI and Windows, so I'm guessing there's something going on that I don't know of.
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    It's possible...I too have no experience with UEFI.
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Could a video driver update cause boot issues?
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