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Windows 8.1 No Wireless Connections or Sound Symbols

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    Windows 8.1 No Wireless Connections or Sound Symbols

    Hey people, I experienced a weird problem with Windows 8.1 on December 31st, and then I found a video on youtube with the same problem.

    I couldn't see any wireless connections and my sound didn't work no matter what. So I ended up having to factory reset my computer. Sucks. It happened again later, but I system restored that crud and it was restored. It is weird and I need help in case it ever happens again without any system restore points that I can use. PLease help. Thank you.
    Here's a picture link:

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    Insure you are running win 8.1 drivers for your Wi-Fi, not sure about you sound but probably the same thing the drivers you are using are getting confused and crashing. Check you manufactures web site for updated drivers
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    Windows 8.1 No Wireless Connections, Sound, other tools

    Hello, this is kind of a part 2 of my older post.

    Today, I started up my Windows 8.1 laptop and it took a while to load the lock screen. Then it showed this:

    I took some screenshots of me trying to system restore, ect. but it didn't work directly from the desktop. I eventually restored it from an older restore point.

    It has happened to me 3 times already and I am sick and tired of it. Please help. More image links below:

    Please help so it doesn't happen again D:
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Windows 8.1 No Wireless Connections or Sound Symbols
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