Hello and thanks in advance,

This is not strictly a BSOD thread, since there is no BSOD involved. But the computer freezes completely and has to be hard powered off, and I don't know where else to put this.

Now then, the details:

The computer I have is an MSI GT60 2OC-022US laptop with a Samsung EVO series SSD, where the windows 8 is installed. The symptom is that every once in a while, about 1/5 of the times after I leave it on sleep, the computer will freeze when I resume.

The computer does not freeze entirely. I can move the mouse around, and some keyboard keys still show response. However, all programs on the desktop are froze, such as Google Chrome and Rainmeter. The keyboard LED manager also failed to resume.

When I tried to ctrl alt del, the key combination took me to the screen with commands such as Lock and Task Manager. Clicking Task Manager does not open the task manager, and clicking back does nothing. None of the keys seemed to be responding at this point, and I had to power off the computer.

On rebooting the computer, checking eventvwr showed no events immediately before the freeze.

Has anyone ran into this before? What might be causing the problem?

Thanks again,