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Numerous random issues with Windows 8.1 after rebuilding

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    Numerous random issues with Windows 8.1 after rebuilding

    Hi all,

    I had no idea how to name the topic as my issue`s are all over the place but im guessing are centered around one issue which im not sure about.

    Basically recently my motherboard came back from Asus repair after having died and as a result it was time for a rebuild. So i rebuilt my PC to Windows 8.1 64bit VLSC.

    After rebuilding over numerous days i got the pc back to working order. It seemed to be working fine but i didnt really use it all that much (Blame GTA V).

    Now that im using it alot more i have noticed alot of issues. I`ll do my best to describe them as there are quite a few

    1) Flash player crashes with any flash video / application (Youtube sometimes works, Shockwave flash crashes in Pandora after 2:30 on the dot into a song everytime. This happens in any browser.
    2) When steam releases an update, my pc cannot install the update, it just loops around. The only way i`ve been able to install a Steam update is the reboot into Safe Mode with networking.
    3) When i download software aka MSI/EXE`s from the internet the progress gets to 99% and stops completely. the only way i can download software is to use my SurfaceRT and transfer it over to my PC which brings me onto my next issue.
    4) Alot of software i try to install fails completely. One software piece in particular is "Overwolf". Overworlf provides a self downloading application. When i run this the downloader gets to 99% and then the installer throws an error "Lost connection to Overwolf server, please try again later" or something along those lines, but i have no internet issues. I go to my wifes PC (Windows 8) and it downloads without an issue so it is most certainly an issue with my PC.

    In follow up to the above i have enabled the Administrator account and i get all the same issues. I`ve tried creating a new administrator account and the same problem occur with that account as well.

    I know most people will suggest a rebuild but well i want to leave that as a last option. I`d prefer to not have to go rebuild my entire pc all over again after having just done it.

    I`ve searched over and over on the internet and can find no information that may help me solve the issue i am having.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    I'd start with checking all hardware connections, making sure all components are fully seated. Then check all cabling, making sure they're fully seated. Then I'd make sure I have all the drivers are up to date to include the BIOS.

    Then with any build or rebuild of a system that involves the cpu and/or mobo, it's recommended to reinstall the OS.
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    Windows 8.1

    Hi bassfisher6522. I know all the components are correctly installed as (didnt want to say) i work in IT. was a hardware administrator now network but that besides the point. All components are installed correctly.

    Oh and i just remembered and this one is fascinating. I ran an Oracle VirtualBox with WindowsXP Pro 32bit VM. When i access flash from that machine say Pandora the same thing happens like it does on my normal desktop. Thats the strangest thing i`ve ever seen. Would it be potentially possible that an incorrect sound software / driver install would do that?

    As the ASUS Crosshair V Formula does not have supported sound blaster software for Windows 8.1 i vagley remember getting sound blaster driver`s from anther model of board
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    It's possible, any thing is possible with incorrect drivers.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro w/Media Center x64

    You can't use driver's for another board. If Asus doesn't have Windows 8.1 driver's for your board, use the Windows 8 driver's they have for it.
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Numerous random issues with Windows 8.1 after rebuilding
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