I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 23 with Windows 8 installed. After a week, I upgraded the OS to Windows 8.1 as I understood it restored a few things users missed (such as a Start button). However, I've had some glitches with the Photo Gallery program. Running Windows 8, the gallery displayed beautifully, with crisp, sharp images and full-screen slideshow images. Running Windows 8.1, there have been a number of glitches I've noticed: 1. The entire screen, plus images, is very slightly fuzzy when launching the Photo Gallery from the Desktop; when launching the Slideshow, the images only occupy about 80% of the screen, leaving a black band on the right side and bottom of the monitor. 2. When launching Slideshow from the Start screen, the images look better, but when launching the Slideshow, the images leave black bands on the left and right of the screen. Additionally, there is no way I can figure out how to adjust speed or theme of the slideshow. When I try to adjust from the Desktop Photo Gallery, it doesn't carry over to the Start screen slideshow. If anyone has any tips on adjusting for these problems, please let me know, thanks.