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Okay, i know what i need to do now, thank you all for your help

why did you say '(Use 8 first, not 8.1)'?
If you don't want to use the upgrade path, leave your win 7 hard drive installed and just install win 8.1 to your SSD, this will automatically set up a dual boot which will boot to Win 8 from where you can either continue to boot into Win 8 or boot to win 7. I went this way for one of my Work Stations Advantage you can still continue to work with your win 7 set up. And at the same time you can be learning the Win 8 System and installing all your software either to your SSD or your old Hard Drive. Once your Win 8 is set up and you are comfortable with it you can turn your win 7 OS off and delete that windows file???? Some one else will have to tell you how to get rid of the Win 7 OS as on my set up I got rid of the Win 8 and kept my win 7 OS I had some software that would not run on win 8 due to my MOBO being older. The Sevenforum has several guides on setting up a win 7 win 8 dual boot. I was very glad to have saved my win 7 OS set up.