Hi gang,

Ok so occasionally I like to check my Event Viewer to see if there are any issues I might need to address. I built this new system a couple of weeks ago and installed Windows 8.1, on a 256 GB Samsung Pro SSD.

I am seeing the below message with the red circle and white exclamation mark ( I hate those lol).

"The volume Recovery was not optimized because an error was encountered: The parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)"

Under Drive Optimization, it shows the C drive as being optimized, however the Recovery Partition shows as having never been optimized and needing to be. I have another SSD ( E Drive ) , and it shows as having been optimized as well.

Is this warning in Event Viewer something I should be concerned about, or just ignore it?
I know I have read that Windows 8.1 does a good job of optimizing SSD's on it's own with no need for other software to do so...

Thanks for any advice on this,

- Don