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Should Microsoft kill off Windows Media Player

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    Should Microsoft kill off Windows Media Player

    We all know of it, we all hardly use it in deference to itunes, VLC, and the sorts. But should it remain with us?

    I was thinking about this feature that is just sucky. I never use it other than to play media files, and I never use the navigation of it because it's just terrible. It also looks terrible.

    Then I wondered about the future of Windows Media Center and the dying Zune Software. What about consolidating media players into a commanding, Windows Media CENTER, center as in, an actual CENTER of media playing and not just one of many media playing programs that is used.

    Think of it, all the features of all players come together in one, awesome player. The modern, immersive, metro design of Zune and Zune Marketplace, the DVR feature of WMC and integration with Xbox, and the lightweightness of WMP together. That way, we don't need to have so many players in one OS. And of course, it could get the same codec treatment as VLC or a potential addon codec treatment if the user needs such. It could have better device media management as well.

    Also, if Microsoft could without apple suing them, they could pull a middle finger on them and have ipods and iphones being able to sync up and be able to be managed without itunes. Windows Media Center could also have access to the current Zune Marketplace and have the same subscription service applied to iDevices and Windows Phones and other digital players. One awesome, media player.

    What do you guys think?

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    I personally say yes as I almost never touch it. But as an adjunct to an OS, it should be there I think. I also see most friends use it widely..
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    I wanna a Windows Media Center for Windows 8
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    Am I int the right place?
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    Actually, i like Windows media player. Not for the compatibility, just because it's built in with windows and also it has better color management than VLC, or MPC.
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    use it for all my music and video needs, don't like iTunes and vlc is nothing special either. but each to their own i'm sure enough people use for them to add it in.
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    Hmm, interesting.

    But from what you guys say about WMP, shouldn't there be a media player that consolidates features of all media players into one player that acts like WMP?
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    I believe it should. I get used to work with Cowon's JetAudio Plus. It gives me everything I need except playing 3D movies (I which I use PowerDVD 11 Ultra)
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    I use no other media player other than Windows Media Player for playing videos and music and Windows Media Center for watching live TV. To play more media formats, I installed a codec called Shark007 Windows 7 Codecs. You guys can try it. Check this out:

    Download Windows 7 Codecs 3.4.4 -

    It even works on the WDP. I like Windows Media Player because its built in to Windows and I do not like to install additional full media players. VLC had almost the same icon for all sorts of media types which is ugly and it had a complicated settings to me. There is a version of Windows called the "N" edition released on Europe that does not include WMP and it can be disabled from the Programs and Features section anyway.

    But I personally think it should stay because you do need a built-in media player on a new computer to begin with. Or better yet, how about if MS redesigns it and make more competitive to third party players like what they did to IE? This, I'll vote as a yes.
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    I vote no, I use it for all my music and video needs.
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    Not that any of us have a vote but I would pay to have it removed
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Should Microsoft kill off Windows Media Player
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