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File associations plus extra arguments?

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    File associations plus extra arguments?


    I need to be able to click on a .vnc file and have W8 run

    vncviewer.exe -config [that file I just clicked on] .

    or literally, vncviewer.exe -config "%1" if this were windows XP

    But I can only select the program to run it, and not add these extra arguments or commands as part of it.

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    I don't know why the edit applet was removed. I haven't found a work-around other than creating a .cmd file with the argument. As example:

    @echo off
    x:\path\vncviewer.exe -config "%1"

    save as RunVnc.cmd
    and do an Open With...
    to set it as default

    Edit the other way it to make a shortcut with target
    x:\path\vncviewer.exe -config "%1"

    and drag the file onto it
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File associations plus extra arguments?
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