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Windows Store failed to sync machine licenses.

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    Windows Store failed to sync machine licenses.

    Event ID: 512
    Task Category: None
    Level: Error
    Windows Store failed to sync machine licenses. Result code 0x80070002

    The above is last error that I still have in Event Log. My understanding is that I should sing in with Microsoft store to get rid of this error.
    And that is the thing: I am not willing to sign. I never bought anything from MS App Store (which I disabled). So how can I stop this annoying attempts of licenses syncing?

    I did some extensive search but could not find any solution to the problem except signing with App Store.

    Thank you for any suggestion

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    Hello Michal,

    If you like, the Windows Store has a ton of free apps as well that you may like to install and use. They are not all pay for apps.

    Updates for your default modern apps that came with Windows 8.1 are also updated through the Store.

    You could use the method in the tutorial below to sync app licenses to stop the error, but it requires you to open the Store and of course requires you to sign in to the Store with a Microsoft account to do.

    App - Sync License in Windows 8
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    Hello Brink,
    Thank you very much for your suggestion.
    However this is not the solution I am looking for. It seems that currently the only option that would get rid of this error is to sing in with MS Store. This is just the opposite that I want. I guess I will wait for future possible solution or live with the error.

    Just disabled licenses syncing in Task Scheduler. Will see if this is working in a while.
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    It looks like problem is solved. Just disabled Windows Store in Task Scheduler. Last 19 hours without a single error in Event Log.

    I am not sure why Microsoft insists on licenses validation every 6 hrs though. Seems like waste of resources.

    Anyway, problem solved
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    Good Point Michal

    That's exactly the same problem and question I had. I just started having these error messages appear, even though my pc is 7 months old. I tried to assign a login sound to Windows 8.1 after losing that ability in the upgrade from Windows 8.

    After deleting the logon sound task (that I found out later doesn't work, is "hard-coded" not to work in Windows 8.1, I got this idea from another forum) that I attached to an event in event viewer I started getting this error, and they were occurring every few hours.

    So, most likely doing something like this, assigning a task to the event viewer probably sets the this service to automatically do this. But assigning a logon sound has nothing to do with my store apps, that I don't even use, so why would creating a logon task enable this service, if that in fact is why the service was automatically enabled?
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Windows Store failed to sync machine licenses.
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