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Does MS needs money?

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    Does MS needs money?

    hi guys,

    just read on another site that Windows 9 would appear in 2014, so 2 years after Windows 8....

    This cannot be true.....or can it.

    If so, i am getting the feeling that MS is only in this for the money.

    But i like Windows 8 very much, so for me no going back to Windows 7.

    So if Windows 9 would be better then Windows 8, yes i will follow.

    Soon hardware is becoming cheaper then software.....

    Any thoughts.....


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    Win 9 would be about on target for a Dev release around Oct 2014 - MS has always aimed for 2-5 years between releases. It was only the major re-write of XP in 2003-4 that delated Vista until 2007
    XP SP2 was effectively a new OS, there were so may conceptual changes involved.
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    Am I int the right place?
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    Well, it's so hard to predict that kind of information now, but it may be possible, it didn't took so many years for seven to come after vista.
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    Vista was release to the public in January 2007 (3 months late because of many problems and poor support from hardware manufacturers - MS was in a totally different environment from the previous XP release in 2001, and didn't seem to adjust too well)
    Win7 was released in October 2009 If you discount the delayed trelease of Vista, it's exactly the same interval.
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    Microsoft has traditionally done two to three year releases of Windows and other products. The exception is vista, which was like five years. I think the reason behind a two year release is the fact that the tech industry has one constant: change. Windows 7 was able to work on netbooks, which was the big thing in 2009. vista was a Windows OS that was proper for laptops. Xp was an OS that changed how we work with media and files better. Windows 8 will be able to work on the same processors your smartphone has. You get the idea.

    If you look at apple's mac os and iOS, it changes from every six months to a year. mac os has a major X.XX.X update. In fact, the mac os has 10 separate versions, with a 10.X.XX.X update every sixish months. iOS has a minor change to make delusion people drool over themselves. So no, Microsoft isn't always in it for the money. Windows 8 to them is a serious product risk where they could lose money. They have to adapt Windows to change.
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Does MS needs money?
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