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File Size on disk for NAS showing as 4GB a piece

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    File Size on disk for NAS showing as 4GB a piece


    I've spent hours looking trough google searches for every possible search combination, but I cant find anyone else with the same exact problem.

    I bought a "Dlink NAS 320L", everything works fine and I had no issues setting it up, however on my only windows 8.1 PC, all the files show as taking 4GB size on the disk.


    I have updated to the latest firmware and the problem still persist. This issue does not happen on my other pc's and laptops which all run windows 7. My windows 8.1 is a fresh install is fully updated as well.

    Disk checks out for errors.

    Does anyone know why my windows 8.1 is showing every file as being 4GB in size on the NAS only? Even files larger than that. It seems like a windows explorer issue but I cant find any fixes for it.

    It's also purely a display bug, on my windows 7 pc's and connecting online to the NAS shows the files as not taking up that much space. The problem is, windows tells me there's no room on the NAS based on it's reading the Size on disk as 4GB. Part of my music collection on it was 20~GB in size, but it showed as 14+TB on disk. The disk that's inside is 2TB large.

    The NAS is running some kind of linux os with an ext4 file system (cant be changed).

    I hope someone knows why my explorer is reading those files as that.

    Much appreciated for any help anyone could offer. Thank you.

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    That's interesting. "Size on disk" is reported wrong for files on my NAS also:

    Click image for larger version

    Time to go Google!

    Edit: Ok, like the OP, when I check this from a Win 7 machine the "size on disk" is reported correctly. Googling around found lots of "wrong size on disk" issues, but nothing specifically related to Win 8.1. Oh well....
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    It's nice to know I'm not the only one with that weird issue, though I'm baffled at the reason it all reads as 4gb. Replying as bump because this issue is really annoying.
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File Size on disk for NAS showing as 4GB a piece
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