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GIF pictures doesn't animate in windows picture viewer

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    GIF pictures doesn't animate in windows picture viewer

    i tried to make some animated pictures using photoshop [just trying and i know it's not good at all]
    Click image for larger version
    the problem here is that
    it works well when i view it using google chrome but it shows only one frame i.e no animation in windows picture and fax viewer
    i remember it was working well in my old PC which run XP
    i wish you can help me

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    Harrisonburg, Va.
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    See this:

    What happened to the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer?

    I don't believe it shows animations.
    I tried it on my computer.

    IrfanView shows animations:

    IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide

    Even if I click Preview it doesn't show animations.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    I don't think animated GIFs ever show the animation and any Windows program you have to use Adobe imageready.

    Try right clicking on the animated GIF and choose preview
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    the funny thing about it
    it works well on my old PC which run XP till now !
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    Yeah, Windows Photo Viewer won't show the animation, just the first frame.

    If it's just your computer you want to view the animation on, you can right click the GIF and go to Open With > Internet Explorer. If you want to make it more permanent, then set Internet Explorer to be the default program to open GIF files.
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    Set the default to open with WMP.
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    drag the gif into a browser window ?
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    i do know it works well in internet browser and i'm using power DVD to view it instead but my question is "is there any way to make windows viewer show the animation"
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    I believe the Windows 8 modern app 'Photos' shows the animation, but only if Photos is set as the default associated program. Not sure if this is 100% fullproof though. The Windows Photo Viewer (whatever it's called) in Vista, 7 and 8 doesn't work, MS took-out gif animation functionality.

    There is a 3rd party attempt to make this work, by re-writing XP's Picture and Fax Viewer software so that it works in WinVista, Win7 and Win8 to animate gifs called Win7 GIF Viewer:

    Windows 7 Gif Viewer Works perfectly Solved - Page 11 - Windows 7 Help Forums

    This is 99% perfect for my needs:

    1 - Animates gifs.
    2 - When in slideshow mode if I press the delete key, the file is instantly deleted - in Windows 7/8 "Windows Photo Viewer" it will exit slideshow mode and I would have to press the delete key again, which is infuriating.

    That 1% that I need fixing?
    1 - It needs an icon associated with the program/files which are associated with it. At the moment my image icons in List/Details explorer view styles just appear as a blank white square.
    2 - If I have a regular picture or animated .gif which has small dimensions, in Windows 7/8 "Windows Photo Viewer" it will essentially make this fullscreen in slideshow mode. This program does not (yet) do this, and it will just show the regular dimensions of the picture with a whole load of black space around it.
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GIF pictures doesn't animate in windows picture viewer
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