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Recommendations when setting up brand new computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by badtyper View Post
    Better get ready to start looking for drivers,lots of what you may have just won't work with Win8. Problem is many programs you already own won't even install on your Win8 laptop. And the companies don't intend on updating them. Sony just told me I needed a new program,my old one was a year old and cost $200. I can't even get a picture file transfered from my Win8 laptop to my Samsung S3 phone. It's a snap using my Win7 laptop. Anyway good luck with the new laptop.
    Are companies just boycotting Win 8 waiting on the sidelines for the next major OS release? Hopefully, this won't be too much of an issue as my wife doesn't run too many programs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilesAhead View Post
    Do you like it better now? I'm going to keep an open mind but I just don't see my wife or me using this interface as we also didn't get a touch screen.
    To be honest I use the desktop side. I put some tiles in Start Screen. Mostly I use the weather app. But eventually I'll find out if I can program it with free tools. I miss the Glass from Windows 7. I hope Windows 9 brings it back as this looks kind of bland.

    But I have to admit the Laptop was usable out of the box. Every desktop machine I bought with Windows preloaded I had to spend days fooling around with removing demos, turning off services and tweaking before I could stand using it. Plus the WiFi is a no brainer. Lift Lid, log in, click on available networks. Zero configuration was no exaggeration.
    I expect we will mostly use the desktop also. I found myself deleting a lot of the tiles when I saw the default apps for the first time.
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    Thanks, but that's of no use to me. My only available internet connection is far too slow to download the 8.1 update. I've already tried.
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    The Start Screen Tiles are much improved in the 8.1 update. Instead of everything being on the main screen they are on the All Apps screen. This really comes into play when you install something like Office or Adobe Creative Suite. In Windows 8 all the tiles get plastered on the main screen, in 8.1 they go to the All Apps screen in the background. Then you just pin the ones you actually use to the main Start Screen instead of unpinning all the ones you don't use. 8.1 will let you boot directly to the Desktop too if you wish instead of the Metro Start Screen. On the negative side, some users have had issues when updating to 8.1 though the Windows Store. If you decide to upgrade make an image and create your recovery media before hand.

    One thing I found annoying on my laptop when using the touch pad were the edge gestures. If you do like me and slid your finger over to find the pad without looking you'll get the Charms Bar popping up when you don't want it. I went into my touchpad settings (Smart Gestures Utility) and turned then off. If I do want to open the Charms Bar etc I just use the hot corners.
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Recommendations when setting up brand new computer
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