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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    Location Location Location

    So that's where it was hiding! Who said Quick Launch was dead?

    c:\Users\Windunce\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\TaskBar\

    ok that's solved, but then what the heck does this folder do?

    c:\Users\Windunce\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\

    Is this where "Metro" Start stores the tiles?
    If so where is the storing place for the "Metro" app tiles?

    Sure takes some getting use to!

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    Hello Windunce, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    For Quick Launch, you could do the same as in the tutorial below from Windows 7 to the taskbar on the desktop in Windows 8 if you like.

    The c:\Users\(user-name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Window s\Start Menu location is the same as the "All Programs" in Windows 7, but now called the Apps screen in Windows 8.

    This can show you how to pin apps to the Start screen in Windows 8 if you like.

    Hope this helps,
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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    Yes it does help, but I still can't see where the MetroApp 'shortcuts' [if they can even be called that] are stored.
    Do they have "Properties"? Do they have a "Target"? Can one assign "Hot Keys" for the good ones?

    There are about 10 I'd like to jettison to the deep blue sea. But for now all I can do it 'Unpin' them not remove them.

    Change is good. Ask any infant!

    Thanks for hosting this site. NICE WORK!
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    64-bit Windows 10

    Sorry about that. This can help with the Metro Apps shortcuts.

    Metro Apps - Open from Desktop in Windows 8

    The actual "Metro Apps" folder is at the location below, but you will have to take ownership of the Applications folder before you will be allowed to open it. I'm not sure what you would use to create a shortcut of a App though.

    C:\Program Files\Applications
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    Win7-8 Dual Boot on a Commodore 64

    SOLVED! Thanks so much.
    I'd already downloaded and installed Total Commander [tc80x64beta17a.exe] and set it to
    "Run As Administrator" so I never do get prompted for those silly pesky "permissions" anymore.

    So, BAM, I was in, like a thief in the night rummaging around. Most all that I can see are .js [JavaScript?] apps
    and all of them have a "resources.pri" file that just MAY be what is used instead of a 'Shortcut'.

    Great, so now I can unpin them and then purge them.

    Shift-Delete sure is quicker than Control Panel-Uninstall a program

    Again thanks so much for all the tips, tricks and tidbits!
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    64-bit Windows 10

    You're most welcome Windunce.
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