I'm obviously jumping the gun here, but where will we be by the time Windows 9 comes around? I was thinking about this and I don't even have an idea...I once thought this a couple years ago, and my expectations for 8 were entirely off.

Speaking of such, I was binging this and I read that Microsoft has been working on an entirely different OS architecture where the OS is literally just hosting programs. It sounds like what Windows does already, but the programs themselves act like it's the OS of sorts, but a better underlying kernel. And that got me thinking, will this be what the future of Windows will be? And even then, there's a potential Microsoft will drop the Windows brand in deference for this new OS, partly due to the stigma that Windows has: lacking innovation, slow, BSOD, and lacking change.

And then I look at the latest apps that have been revealed in Windows 8, Microsoft Music App, Microsoft Camera App, and I think Microsoft Pictures App.

It would had been Windows Media App, Windows Camera App and Windows Photos.

I wonder if Windows 8 is the starting transition to this new OS, or will 8 be the starting transition to one OS rules them all?