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Locked out of a Windows 8.1 computer and at a dead-end.

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    Locked out of a Windows 8.1 computer and at a dead-end.

    Okay, so this the worst I've ever been locked out of a computer. There's an account on the computer that's been linked to a Microsoft account, however the MS account password is lost and since all the forgot password options have been filled in with gibberish there's really no way to recover it.

    Normally I'd say just reinstall the OS, but apparently we need access to this account.

    There's no other user accounts whatsoever. Just one administrator account.

    So, facts:

    - It's linked to Microsoft.
    - Microsoft account in inaccessible.
    - Microsoft account cannot be recovered.
    - There's no backups or anything.
    - Computer account needs to be accessed unharmed.

    Ultimately, I guess we need to actually hack into this account by force and I honestly don't know how to do something going that far because I've never been forced to go that far before. I'm going to guess it's going to involve booting from a pendrive or something.

    Any suggestions? Really, how do people manage to screw themselves this hard...

    - Alex

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    Welcome to Windows Eight Forums, Alexander.

    I doubt you’ll get help here hacking into a PC account. It is against forum rules. Do yourself a favor to save time. Since it is a MS account, call Microsoft and go through the security procedures. Hopefully it is a “Secure device” via the account.
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    It's not as if I'm trying to get into an account I'm not supposed to be getting into. I'm trying to help someone that's gone and screwed up.

    By what I can get from this guy it's probably not. He can't even provide the OS disc and apparently this computer shipped with Vista, so I'm a bit skeptical but that's not my job.
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    Forum rules do not permit offering help with hacking passwords. You may have legitimate access to the computer but the same hacking methods could (and would be) used by others for illegal purposes.
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    If the account is linked to MS and the password is lost, you're out of luck, simple as that. Be aware of what that guy asked you to do might be illegal or you might be working on stolen property.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander Moore View Post
    so I'm a bit skeptical but that's not my job.
    hi ,if you run a legit computer repair company ,then it is you job to be within the laws ,good luck
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    Nevermind, I just told him that he's screwed. I'm sure there's a way to work around it or something, but I don't feel like getting into all of that, especially when I'm not going to get any support in doing it.

    No I'm not running a computer repair place. I'm just some 20 year-old trying to help his friend out. I'm the guy people keep bringing their computers to, but I think I'm gonna have to dismiss this one.

    Haha, we live in China together. Dunno what policies there are over here, but considering ya know, it's China, the laws aren't well enforced at all. So yeah, this OS is probably a pirate, like 95% of all software is over here. A lot of computers actually ship-out with pirates on them - even company computers. It's crazy. I personally don't have reservations about it and am "guilty" of terabytes of the stuff myself, but I didn't mention it to begin with since I figured my thread would probably be locked and trashed for it. Which will likely be it's fate now I figure.

    Welp, thanks anyway I guess. He'll just have to live with the cold truth of "If you were saving important stuff on it, you should have been a heck of a lot more careful".
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    Use Windows XP/Vista/7 offline password reset tool, just google that. I apologize for this brick wall, we by no means are not barred from helping people get into their systems. If you have Legitimate Access to the computer get it in WRITING then download the password reset tool.

    This is the first I have ever heard that we cannot help people GET into their computers. I do not think anybody who has stolen a computer will come in here and ask how to break into it, I think they would just wipe the drive.

    This issue has come up before in this forum, and I always point them to the "Offline Password Reset", just google those three words, it is a legitimate website and a legitimate tool.
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    Forum Rules - Please Read!

    6) No discussions of hacking someones system, network, password, etc.
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    PCUnlocker could be of help and it can replace the password hash of your Microsoft account that is cached on the local machine. It claims it can unlock Microsoft account password. It's worth a try.

    If you're still out of luck, try to remove the hard drive from your computer and attach it to another working PC, backup your data and then reinstall the system.
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Locked out of a Windows 8.1 computer and at a dead-end.
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