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My laptop wont boot dont know what to do next urgent!!!

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    My laptop wont boot dont know what to do next urgent!!!

    Hi I need to access some files on my laptop but I cannot for the life of me get it to boot. Over the last few days I was receiving kernel page error blue screens which restarted my computer but once I stopped using google chrome it seemed to solve the problem. However earlier today the blue screen appeared again but this time I cannot boot the laptop. It starts up then the blue screen flashes saying system needs to restart, system restarts and then goes to system repair saying something like "repairing disk errors, will take an hour or more". I've left it for a few hours both times but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Then I tried to create a recovery file on a usb and activated it using the bios which should bring up a recovery menu but it just goes to a black screen where it hangs for ages before the blue need to restart screen comes up again. At my wits end here, laptop is only 2 months or so old and can't seem to figure out a way to fix it. I'm using windows 8.1 and its an acer aspire e1-571, please help!! Thanks!

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    its even worse now, doesn't even do the repairing disk errors, screen just goes black! sometimes it goes to diagnosing pc but that doesnt seem to do anything either, don't know what to do
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    Your hard drive must have gotten wracked during a Blue-Screen or a hard-reboot.

    Download Hiren's from my link below, burn it, boot to it on your laptop - Your laptop has a regular Mechanical HDD? If you have a solid state drive, you can't do this.

    Assuming you have a regular HDD boot to Hiren's and choose Dos Programs and then Hard disk tools.

    Find the make of your HD, if you have a WD or Seagate HD you can use Gwscan on page 3. Run the first 2 tests, the results of the 2nd test will tell you if you need to run the 3rd test, the full drive scan. IF and only if it tells you there is a read error, run the 3rd test.

    If you have a Hitachi or Toshiba or Samsung HD you have to use those branded tools in there, but it is much the same, run the 1st test which is a Smart test, then a quick scan , and then a full scan only if it tells you.

    If it finds read errors, do the full scan which should take about an hour.

    Then try to reboot

    If your HDD comes up clean in those tests, then reboot Hiren's and go into Mini XP which is off the root of the disk, when it comes up look for a Drive Scan link in the Program Menu,

    It will run a pre programmed CHKDSK and if there ar any errors on the drive, it will fix em, its the same thing Windows 8 does, only Windows 8 hides any progress.

    Run the tests, and see if it finds errors, then do the full scan

    Note - If you DO find read errors, and it fixes them, you should still run the CHKDSK from Mini XP, or, you cna do it from a Windows 8 install disk command prompt. I just use Hiren's cos I dont have to swap out the disk.
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    I have not used Hiren's, so have no idea of it's capabilities.

    You could, as an alternative, download a live CD/DVD installation and boot up on that. I could recommend Knoppix, as it is one of the most straightforward. Luck on your side, you should then be able read at least some of your hard disk and extract the essential private material.
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My laptop wont boot dont know what to do next urgent!!!
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