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Screen brigtness will not change! How do i fix?

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    Windows 8.1

    Screen brightness will not change! Windows 8.1

    Hay I am no nube when it comes to computers, but I'm no wizard with them ether. I have tried to change my screen brightness for the first time since downloading windows 8.1(about a month ago) and it is stuck a the lowest level. I have tried everything I have found on this forum and tried to google it as well, no change. I have used the keys, the settings, and even the "Adjust screen brightness" button after clicking on the battery in bottom right of screen. I looked at my drivers and checked if my "Display adapters" needed to be updated, it didn't. Please Help. First problem I have had on this computer and am running out of patients, I need help.

    Laptop: 6 GB RAM, 64-bit OS, i5-3210M Intel Core, Windows 8.1

    (I don't know if this i needed but just in case) Lenovo

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    Nevermind I found a post that popeye replied to that told me how to fix it.
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    And the answer was????
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Screen brigtness will not change! How do i fix?
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