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Where is there a list of software installed?

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    Where is there a list of software installed?

    I'm completely lost with windows 8. I don't know where to look for a list of software installed. Where is the menu?

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    Win+X->Programs and Features
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    Try here:

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8 can be a bit difficult to use compared to Windows 7. It can be tamed though.

    Start Button:
    If you install Classic Shell (free) or Stardock's Start8 ($4.99) or similar software then you can have the Start button as it was in Windows 7 and boot directly to the Desktop. You can still play with Metro stuff but it's not forced on you.

    Windows 7 Gadgets:
    Windows 7 Gadgets are also available if you want them: 8GadgetPack - Gadgets for Windows 8

    I find UAC extremely annoying. If you do too then to (mostly) disable UAC, Press Windows key + R to open the Run window.
    Type msconfig and press Enter.
    Click on the Tools tab.
    Select Change UAC settings and click Launch.
    Move the slider all the way to the bottom then click OK.
    Some parts of UAC will still be alive, so to completely disable it you need to change a registry key.

    Key: EnableLUA
    Set the value to 0

    You cannot use any Metro Apps or the App Store when UAC is disabled. If you've gone this far, you can also disable all hot corners so you will not get any of the Windows Charms popups. Just check the Classic Shell and Start8 options to do this.
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    windows 8

    Thanks. I wound up installing classic shell' windows 8 is the most user unfriendly os I've ever used. Thanks to all who responded.
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    Start8 is like the cadillac version, but I like that with Classic Shell I can dispose of that Breadcrumbs nonsense.
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    I didn't care for bread crumbs at first but now I feel lost when I'm on XP and don't have it.

    Funny how you can get used to stuff.
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    Bear with it, mystified. It isn't user unfriendly, just a little different in navigation, as was the transition from XP to Vista. (With the same protests)
    No need, either, to start learning keyboard shortcuts. A right click of the orb in the left hand corner (hidden from you now you have installed Classic) will reveal some familiar items to you, including the well known Control Panel - Programs and features.
    Alternatively, another way to skin the cat - bring up the "Charms" (stupid name) bar on the right hand side of the screen, click settings and there you have, again, the Control panel.
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    Right button on the left bottom corner brings "Programs and features" on the top.
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    Ah yes. I forgot I have customised mine and tucked it in the old way into the Control Panel.

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Where is there a list of software installed?
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