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Add shortcut to start menu search?

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    Add shortcut to start menu search?

    How do I add a programs shortcut to the start menu search? For an example: On Windows 7 when I installed Steam on my second hard drive, the Steam exe popped up when I searched "Steam" in the start menu search. When I went to Windows 8, it doesn't do this anymore because I didn't reinstall Steam because it's already on my second hard drive. How do I get it to pop back up in the search?

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    Right click on the .exe in program files and pin to Start. You can also pin the whole program folder to start - if that makes sense.
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    No, I don't want it pinned to start, I want it to pop up when I type it in search.
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    Hello ErraticFox,

    Double check to make sure that the folder the .exe file is in has been add to your index locations, then rebuild the index to see if it shows up when you search for it next. I find that searching "Everywhere" works best.

    Hope this helps for now,
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Add shortcut to start menu search?
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