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Run all programs as administrator

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    Run all programs as administrator

    is there an option to set default launching mode for all applications including any installed in future to run as administrator (identical to selecting Run as administrator from context menu)?
    Although I can set up this permanently for an existing executable or shortcut, this is hardly possible doing for any installed program. I know this was possible somehow under Windows 7, all programs launch with admin rights and the superfluous option was removed from context menu. But don't remember already how this was achieved.

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    As far as I know you can only do it per program. You have to go to the file location of the program > Properties > Advanced and then check the box like in the picture.

    Run as Administrator - in Windows 8

    Click image for larger version
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    @ Anakunda: It's generally not a good idea to run all apps as admin, this can pose a serious security threat (something Brink should have mentioned). The reason why things like UAC exist (even though I have it mostly disabled) is to protect your system from rogue apps, apps running as admin have more priviledges and can do more damage to your PC. You generally should only run apps as admin during installs, and if a particular app needs admin priviledges to function correctly. Otherwise, avoid it, run them as a Standard User if possible.

    Hope that helped!
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    Most of them do not need elevated administrator privileges anyway, only the ones that have influence on OS itself and it's there for safety sake. Should be cautious when using some programs that require it.
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    As mentioned above you shouldn't run every program as administrator.

    Most recent programs have what's called a manifest (What is a Manifest (in Windows)? (Technical Article)) which explicitly informs windows what privileges the program needs. If it needs to run as administrator, windows will automatically know it. No need to use Run as or anything really.

    Most setup/installers are the same, and windows should automatically recognize what they are (this is mainly based on the file name) and install them as admin.

    The only time you need to change the properties of an app to admin or use "run as" is for old programs, even then most of them should run fine as a standard user. An exception might be old games which usually didn't care much about security standards and still need elevated privileges.
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    I like the way UAC in implemented on Windows 8.1, yes you cannot turn off UAC completely without compromising some of Windows features mainly Metro UI apps but as the same time the UAC in Windows 8.1 is not over bearing and still provides the system and user with a small layer of protection.

    Unlike Windows 7 in which UAC can be turned off completely via Control Panel, if you want to run IE 11 in 64-Bit mode in Windows 7 you'll have to enable UAC even if it's the second to last setting (last stetting in Windows 7 turns off UAC) and the popups/annoyance factor in Windows 7 with UAC turned on (even mildly) is unbearable.
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Run all programs as administrator
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