Hi All!

We have some HP laptops at work running at Windows 8.

The laptop is connected to the domain and works perfectly fine.

It has some Group Policies applied on it and some network drives.

As soon as you disconnect it from the network (domain), laptop just freezes. It does not really freeze at all but you cannot do a single thing. You can only do ctrl alt delete and all the applications installed on it won't work at all.

Based on my analysis, the reason that it freezes as soon as we disconnect it from the network is that it is looking for the apps that can only be found when connected to the network.

But after you connect back the ethernet cable, it works fine again like nothing happened.

Any troubleshooting tips you think I can do on this one? I dont really know where to start.

We have windows 7 and XP implemented on the network but it does not experience the issue if you disconnect it from the network. It just works well and synchronizes back on the network when you connect the cable back again or connect it thru our wifi network.