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Win 8.1 VS preview VS 8.1 Release.

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    Win 8.1 VS preview VS 8.1 Release.

    I have 2 desktops that were running Win8.1 preview.
    The one was automatically updated to Win8.1 release.

    The 8.1 Realease has destroyed my confidence in Microsoft.
    Everything worked in 8.1 Preview.
    Now my Canon PIXMA MG 3250 printer is not compatible (it gives a message that it isn't) with IE 11.
    It will not work as a network printer. Have to use USB.
    Lost about 50% of my apps or tiles (Whatever)
    Search now gives me about 100 web choices, no option that works for searching MY computer!
    Everything is referred to a the Social networks (which I don't want) & the CLOUD
    That I have no use for.

    Every time I want to print I have tell it where to send the document to, no defaut

    Many other things that I object to that I don't want! I am forced to deal with with out any explanation!

    Most of the MS Apps I can not delete The CLOUD FOR ONE!

    I have lost control of MY COMPUTER!!

    I would go back to Win7 but even that is a NIGHT MARE as MS has taken control of my HD & I can't do a factory format1

    Win 8.1 Release has ruined my computer life after a log relationship with MS since MS Dos 1

    I will be 85 in Feb.


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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    You would have lost all of your purchased tiles in the upgrade - But if you are using the same Microsoft Account that you used to buy the tiles, you can go into the Store and right click, across the top you'll see "My Apps" and you will see "Not on this machine" - You can then slot em all up for download. I';ll try to find a tutorial for you, I';ll paste it in when I get back.

    Dos 1.0 eh? I remember PC Dos, Dr. Dos, I used to run AutoCAD r10 on Dos 5.0, Dos 6.2.2 was the last and best DOS, I still use it for some things.

    Actually, "The Cloud" is a free area that can store your personal docs, it connects to "My Documents" - If you use a Local Account you won't have access to "Skydrive", which is MS's Cloud. Look, I hear ya, I never had a use for iCloud, but I got it, and then I got an iPhone and I found out I needed it!

    You can set up 8.1 to not use Cloud services even if you are using an MS account to log in - Without the MS account, you will never get access to the Tile Apps you paid for.
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    Windows 8 Pro with Media Center/Windows 7

    Ok, to get to Your apps, right click on the Store after it populates, a green stripe will go across the top.

    Click image for larger version

    Click on "Your Apps"

    Click image for larger version

    There will be a selection called "Not Installed" - And you will see a list of all apps you bought. you can download them all from there.

    As far as your Desktop Programs go - You may or may not need to re-install them.

    Good to see an original PC user here, from all the way back when IBM said "No Program will ever need to use more and 640 kb upper memory"- You remember Machine Basic and all that stuff? I used to have a mint condition Museum quality IBM PC XT.

    At Coleman College in San Diego, they have a little Museum of computers from the past, some of them are amazing.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I liked preview version better too, at least back then I could use Windows 8.1 on my laptop without blurring my eyes to death and Fast Startup worked for me back then too.

    8.1 release made me jump back onto to the Windows 7 bandwagon again, I'd rather go back on Windows 7 and preserve my eyesight then stay on Windows 8.1 and slowly go blind no matter how much I like Windows 8.1 more than Windows 7 on the desktop; I can forgive Fast Startup not working on my laptop (I have a SSD, not a big difference when enabled) with Windows 8.1 release but the blurriness is unforgivable.

    Microsoft released Windows 8 with the intention to kill the desktop then brings back a Start Button and Boot to Desktop option in Windows 8.1 to lure back desktop consumers since Windows 8 was such a flop but at the same time they bring in a new DPI Scaling feature (meant for tablets and another stab at killing the desktop) that not only kills your eyesight but also causes performance issues with same games and programs then to top all that off the mouse lag issues that should not even exist in the first place makes some games pretty much unplayable (effects mainly desktop users, tablet users don't use a mouse and besides the change was made to reduce power consumption on tablets).

    I really like Windows 8.1 but the small bugs and problems desktop users face along with the unforgivable blurry text has me staying happily on Windows 7 for my desktop and laptop however having said that I still plan on getting a tablet device with Windows 8.1 come 2014 since I think on a tablet is where Windows 8.1 shines best and the way windows 8.1 was meant to be used.
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Win 8.1 VS preview VS 8.1 Release.
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