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How to load into the BIOS

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    How to load into the BIOS

    Hi, I dual boot Windows 8.1 and linux, and I was wondering how to boot into the windows BIOS. I would like to enable virtualization so that I can run 64 bit virtual machines, but it does not give me the option to boot into the BIOS. No pressing Esc, delete, F11, or F12 boots me into the BIOS. I was not able to boot into the BIOS even before dual booting. Have a sony viao laptop with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM.

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    Use the SONY ASSIST button on start up.
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    On HP machines, it's F10 for the BIOS, Dell it's F2 or F1 on very new machines.

    The Problem with using "Advanced Startup" is that sometimes, it does not give you the boot options menu. If you are getting it, do not download any UEFI updates for your machine, because HP installs a UEFI Partition with some testing apps on it, and it ruins the original UEFI. But even on a brand new machine where this broken, I could still use F10. F2 usually boots to the UEFI partition.
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    I found these references:

    Sony Vaio - it's F1, F3 or F3:

    BIOS Access Keys for Computer Systems (Lenovo, Sony, HP, Dell, etc.)

    Here, it says you have to press and hold the ASSIST button before hitting Power button:

    How can I enter bios on my vaio? I want to boot f... - Sony's Community Site

    Foir newer computers, the F1 to F3 is probably a no go, this confirms it is the ASSIST button:

    VAIO User Guide | Setting/Changing the Power-on Password
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    I have a Lenovo G700, and the F2 key doesnt take me into the BIOS, instead I have to press a tiny button beside the power button, that brings up a menu that lets me choose BIOS, boot device, etc. My system is installed in BIOS legacy mode rather than UEFI. On every other machine I've owned F2 has always brought me to the BIOS. Lenovo sure does have a funky way of doing things (first one I've owned), as does Dell. As a gamer I've mostly went with ASUS in the past, but abandoned them because their build quality is going downhill every year. The laptop I have now is just temporary, until I can afford a custom build Sager or MSi. But I'm happy nonetheless, for the most part.
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How to load into the BIOS
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