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In language settings i have 4 languages, on taskbar just 3

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    In language settings i have 4 languages, on taskbar just 3

    Hello, I made my own keyboard layout, with Microsoft KLC but somehow couldnt get it to work in windows 8.1

    Heres the problem. In Control Panel -> Language the keyboard is recognized:
    Click image for larger version

    But on taskbar i couldnt choose my keyboard, just with Alt + Shift i can change it, but taskbar still shows Different language as input:
    Click image for larger version

    Is there a way how to change it to see my keyboard on the Taskbar too and do a easy change and also have it as Default, because now i need always on logon change it by ALt + Shift if i change it in Taskbar it even doesnt work but messes up the input languages

    Even Windows + Space couldnt change my language into my keyboard only Alt + Shift
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    Sloe Deth, Californicatia
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    You may have to do something under "Options" to make it visible. I used to have UK+US Language and KB. Both have different Input Languages (input = KB language).

    I think the deal is, in the taskbar, those are KEYBOARD languages, not display languages. Switching Win Key + Space wont change your Display Text, and you have UK installed as Display Text Only. Add it as a Keyboard Language too, you do that in Options. But it will confuse your keyboard - ie, the @ key is no longer @ but the pound sign in a UK KB. Be careful to change back to a US KB when entering email addresses.

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    Thank you very much, you were right,
    I just added to homemade keyboard one more input and now all ť languages are in taskbar and everything works great

    Thanks for the help!!
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    Hafnarfjörður IS
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    Hi there
    Just a little warning though using Multi-Languages on W8.1 -- the Metro apps (Ms default installed ones's) don't switch back to the language you are currently displaying in -- not necessarily a problem but could lead to confusion in some cases.

    I have languages ISL (Icelandic) and ENG -- however when switching back to ENG I still see THESE in ISL on the start panel.

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In language settings i have 4 languages, on taskbar just 3
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