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Recent apps (top left corner) not displaying preview.

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    Recent apps (top left corner) not displaying preview.

    Recent apps (top left corner) list still functions as normal, yet selected "tabs" are invisible whilst taking up the same amount of screen space for its click function. (If I hover over the top left, and move my mouse out just a little, i can still click / right click as though it was still visible.) when there are multiple options, the unselected tabs still show an outline visible with a transparent midsection

    I am unsure what might have knocked the colour out of the app switching thing (or whatever I might call it, a name for what I am looking has been aloof,) maybe a windows update, or my graphics. i tried rolling back my graphics to no avail. Perhaps it is some arbitrary setting.

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    Hello 2Cryptic, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Sound like you are talking about the app Switcher. Once you move the pointer to the upper left hot corner to open Switcher, you should be able to move the pointer down a bit to reveal all apps in Switcher.

    Here are some more methods as well.

    Switcher - Open in Windows 8

    Hope this helps,
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    I actually fixed the issue, but it still helps that I know what the feature is actually called, thanks.

    The problem seemed to be the ATI catalyst beta drivers, I reinstalled the current stable release, but forgot to reboot (derp) before starting to look for the solution online. Rebooting after the graphics drivers roll back solved it, now the app switcher is displayed properly once more.

    So if anyone else sees this happen, hopefully they can have it solved easier, although I am not 100 percent certain it was the graphics drivers, I am at least 90 percent.
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    Great news. Thank you for posting back with your findings.
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Recent apps (top left corner) not displaying preview.
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