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Where is Temp file?!

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    Guernsey, C.I., U.K.
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    Where is Temp file?!

    Hi Guys, this is driving me nuts, can't find Temp file, have googled and googled but no result and a load of options to clean it, I don't want to clean it I've lost a file and want to see if its in there. Cheers! :-)
    Running Windows 8 64 bit pro btw.

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    There are lots (hundreds) of temp files in different places. Is there one in particular you are looking for? For example if it is an office document like word then it will tell you when you open word that it exists and ask if you want to save it.
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    This MIGHT be what you want:

    Click image for larger version
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    Windows 8.1 (x64)

    Start Key + R, type %temp%
    This should redirect you to the current user temp folder.

    Under what application did you lose the file ? Some programs like office automatically save a backup of files (with a .bak extension, might be hidden tho, you should uncheck hide items in file explorer).
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    Guernsey, C.I., U.K.
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    Windows 8.1 64 bit Pro with Media Centre

    Hi, I have found almost exactly what I was looking for here:

    How to View Temporary Internet Images Offline |

    ...but I want to actually view the actual pictures en masse in the windows folder explorer without having to click and open every single one and go through a check-point each time.

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Where is Temp file?!
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