I have windows 8.1 with media center. I'm pretty sure I was able to play dvd's before the windows 8.1 upgrade. I can play video DVDs that I've created but not retail DVD movies. I would get an error in media center about resolution not being correct and the media center interface would change resolution and look funky. VLC player and any other player I'd try to use would just freeze or not recognize dvd. I finally downloaded a trial copy of PowerDVD and was then able to view a DVD with no issues. A few days later however and now cannot play again. As soon as I insert a DVD the HDD light goes solid but nothing auto runs like it used to. If I manually launch power dvd it doesn't recognize the drive/dvd. If I remove the DVD the HDD light goes back to normal. If I launch Media Center and then insert a DVD the HDD light goes solid, then if I try and click the "Play DVD" option it freezes Media Center and I have to use task manager to get out. If I insert a regular DVD that I made (no copy prot) it launches Power DVD and plays fine. I don't understand why this is such an issue. I have a Samsung BluRay player but am trying to play regular DVDs not bluray discs. Hopefully someone can help.